Birthday Parties

Birthday Party rentals while we are open will come with a reserves space in the shelter for 2 hours with 15 before to set up and 15 minutes after to clean up. Everyone with the party will receive a small slushy or apple cider, a donut, and, have access to all of our activity area. Cake and ice cream are allowed to be brought in for birthday parties but no other outside food. Prices for Birthday parties are as follows:

  • 0-15 people: $150
  • 16-30 people: $200
  • 31-45 people: $250
  • 46-60 people: $300
  • 60+ people: $350

Private After Hours Event

Our after hours events are completely private events that take place after the orchard has closed to the general public. They can be booked Monday-Friday from 6-8pm. With these events everyone will receive a small slushy, a donut and access to all our activity area and a wagon ride. A bonfire can be provided if the group would like one. Outside food my be brought in for these events with approval. Prices for private after hours events are as follows:

  • 0-30 people: $250
  • 31-50 people: $300
  • 51-75 people: $350
  • 76-100 people: $400
  • 101-125 people: $450
  • 126-150 people: $500
  • 151+ people: $550

Off Season Shelter Rental

During the Spring and Summer our Shelter will be available to rent for your event. With this you will have the whole shelter which has picnic table seating for about 100 people and access to our play area. Outside food is allowed at these events with approval. Prices for these rentals are as follows:

  • $100 for the first 2 hours
  • $25 for every hour after that