Play Area

At the end of our 2015 season we knew we needed to added more activities for kids and families to do together at our orchard. We also had a block of apple trees that were not producing well and needed to be taken out this resulted in the addition of our play area. The play area contains farm themed equipment for people of all ages to play on. There is a combine that has a drainage tile slide off the back, you can even climb in the seat and “take the wheel”. There are big tractor tires to climb on and crawl through, more big drainage tile slides and our signature straw bale pyramid. We are always adding new things and improving the things we have, come see us in the fall to see whats new this season!

Sunflower Trail

If you love sunflowers and want to be completely surrounded by these beautiful towering flowers this is the thing for you! We have approximately 3.5 acre of sunflowers every fall season that has big beautiful yellow blooms covering the entire field. We cut a trail through the field so you can take a stroll through the sunflowers.

Wagon Rides

Every Saturday and Sunday in the Fall we offer wagon rides through the orchard. On these wagon rides you will get to see about half of our apple trees, lots of the different varieties we grow and sometimes even how we pick the apples. What better way to spend a fall weekend than a peaceful ride through the orchard.

We also offer wagon rides everyday for two week in October during fall breaks (dates vary every year based on when breaks are)

School Tours & Field Trips

What says Fall field trip more than going to the apple orchard? We welcome groups of all sizes and all ages to come on field trips to our orchard. During the field trip everyone will receive a tour learning about apples and apple trees, bees, how we pick apples, how we process apples, how we make cider, how we make our donuts and get to see all of our facilities. All groups will also have time to play in the play area and go through the sunflower trail. Everyone will also receive a small slushy and a donut and the children will get a goodie bag to take home. We also have a shelter with picnic tables if you would like to bring a lunch to eat. We also offer wagon rides and small pumpkins to our group for a small additional fee. Teachers are free. We book trips Monday – Friday. If you would like to book a trip please call or email us to get a spot reserved.