Apple/Cider Update for 2021 Season

If you remember back at in late April we had about two inches of snow and well below freezing temperatures for a couple nights while our apple trees were blooming. This snow/freeze killed almost all of our apple crop for this year. We are not the only ones affected by the weather this year Michigan has the lightest crop they’ve had in almost 10 years with very severe hail damage, North Carolina, Virginia and parts of Pennsylvania have very light crops also, and the heat out West has really hurt Washington crop.
So what does that mean for you coming to visit us this season.
We will NOT have any of our own apples to sell this year. Right now we think we are going to be able to buy enough good apples to sell that we can have a couple varieties in the store at a time. We definitely won’t have large quantities or a huge selection of apples this year.
Our goal is to be able to find enough cider apples to have apple cider slushes all season long. Right now we are not counting on being able to get enough apples to make cider to sell in the jug this year.
Some other things we normally do like caramel apples and apple crisp might not be able to happen either and if they do it won’t be near as much or as often.
We tell you all of this to say please be understanding with us this season if you come visit and we don’t have the variety of apple you are looking for or the jug of cider you wanted if we could control Mother Nature we would and none of these problems would exist!